William and Mary were visited on their farm by the Marine Captain Watkin Tench in December of 1791. Tench had been making a survey of lands and farming in the Parramatta area and his journal records his thoughts on the various enterprises. The Hubbards' farm at The Ponds consisted of 50 acres (30 acres to William, 20 to his wife) and at the time of inspection, after only five months occupation, they had 2¼ acres in cultivation. Tench commented "Hubbard's farm, and Kelly's also, deserve regard, from being better managed than most of the others" (1).

The settlers at The Ponds were being harassed and attacked by Aboriginals who used the thickly timbered areas between farms as cover for their attacks. A military guard was stationed at the farms and the farmers worked on under difficult conditions.
Slab Hut (c.1890-1910), photo by Ralph Snowball, University of Newcastle collection (2). Although this photograph was taken 100 years later, it is probably not far removed in appearance and construction methods from William Hubbard's hut at The Ponds.
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The Ponds, Telopea, Sydney